Fundamentals of Government Online Course Released Today

We released the publisher today to print the online educational materials. Those of you who have ordered this program should take comfort in knowing your books are in print. We had a technology issue that we finally got solved today and we will begin uploading the education sessions for your online viewing as part of the course.

These are exciting times.

I spoke at length with my friend, Scott Kesterson at Bards FM, about the county-by county program and we will be collaborating on that going forward. Many good things to come on that. But at the hub of that is an education process we are faced with second to none. We have to get back to a faith based government and with that comes a long road of transition.

It is our hope that as many of you as willing take part in this education and the county-by-county activity. Also we hope that many of you who are home schooling get the Fundamental of Government Home School as well. Not only is it important that we get highly involved in this process but we must break the programming of our children so they come up behind us with the correct knowledge in keeping our sovereignty.

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