Fundamentals of Government Home School Released

This morning we have placed the initial order for the books for this first course. This is the first of what will be a four course series on the subject of government. We have completed the final syllabus on the website for your review after clearing those tied to education with us completing their review.

The online course will be released to print on Tuesday and the first of the videos published with links provided for this to those who have purchased the individual online version of the course.

This is exciting for all. We have come to the point in time we have focused on for so long. Please join us in this exciting time.

This is a great fit with county-by-county by teaching our youth, coming from the bottom up as we, adults, come from the top so-to-speak. It is important that we train our youth the ways of God's government so to not return to what we are trying so hard to leave.

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