Federal and State Government

We have for the last many years tried to educate as many as possible on just how and why our government was structured the way it was at the time of our founding fathers. We have discussed through educational materials and other forms of communication the shift made in the control structure at 1871. For those of you who need to refresh your minds please go back and look at all the educational materials provided.

Our founding fathers knew that the state needed to have autonomy under a construct of federal protection and oversight for consistency between state commerce. Over time, the states gave up these rights after 1871 by becoming corporations underneath the corporate construct of the US Corporation.

We have stated many times that what is going on at the federal level must be done at the sate level. We have said that because we have no standing at the federal level that our only position here is to watch and elect the right officials.

We have said and we are putting our focus where our mouth has been at the local level to influence the state.

Are you paying attention what is happening in your state?

Things are happening in all states. Those of you in South Dakota do you know what has happened? The latest that I reviewed this morning is Oklahoma. States are taking back their sovereignty to get ready for what? Are you paying attention? Are you involved?

DO NOT GET LEFT BEHIND! You will be on the wrong side of things.

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