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Entitlement vs Sovereignty

I have had very interesting discussions about these two subjects over the last week and I thought it would be a great topic of discussion here. To see how these are defined, we have provided a definition for each in the following.

Merriam Webster defines each as the following:


A state or condition of being entitled; a right. A right to benefits specified especially by law or contract. A belief that one is deserving of or entitled to certain privileges. A government program providing benefits to members of a specified group also : funds supporting or distributed by such a program.


A supreme power especially over a body politic. Freedom from external control - autonomy. Having a controlling influence. One that is sovereign especially an autonomous state.

Two opposite ends of a spectrum but it reflects exactly the situation of our society today. In fact, it is the exact position of people within our society. We cannot be in the middle. We either see ourselves as being entitled or we see ourselves as being sovereign over our lives.

While these categorizes define each of us as either in one camp or the other, it is the person in the middle that causes the majority of frustration. It is either the person who sees themselves as being entitled and wanting sovereignty. Or seeing themselves as sovereign over their live but wants everyone to give them things because they are entitled.

In all of these conditions, we end up at the same end of the spectrum. We can either be part of the entitlement mentality or we can be sovereign. But we cannot be both. It just doesn't exist. We are either an entitled type of person or sovereign. The fence sitter in between is entitled.

Many words can be used to describe this same condition. The ME crowd or the Faith based crowd. The Welfare crowd or the Worker crowd. The Follower or the Leader. The Selfish or the Unselfish. The Taker or the Giver. All these labels have been used over history to describe these same two words - entitlement or sovereignty.

Entitlement goes well past that which is given out so freely of our tax dollars. Entitlement goes with the thinking that your brother or sister in humanity ought to provide something to you because you think it so. it is one thing that we give our tax dollars to be used for money laundering and other nefarious things. And we question not. But as soon as someone doesn't fall in line with giving us what we want instead we blow a casket.

God did not create humanity to be entitled for anything. God told us to work. God told us to give to the poor and needy. God told us that when we give we get back ten fold. God gave us our sovereignty through Him by giving us dominion over this earth using our faith, knowledge and wisdom in accordance with scripture.

One of the hardest challenges we will have in any education is dealing with this fundamental issue. People have been programmed for years to think they were entitled all the while not knowing that they were being used as cover for the nefarious activities of our leadership. People then lived this way of life for so long that it has been ingrained now into their daily lives.

The word entitlement is a Luciferian doctrine concept. It comes from thinking that your desire to have whatever it is. It is placing a spotlight on the individual making them a deity synonymous with God.

We cannot move to sovereignty unless we remove the concept of entitlement from our vocabulary. Because of entitlement your fear nothing of what it takes to be sovereign. I know that may be hard to grasp. But sovereignty comes without entitlement. It comes by fulfilling life through the scriptures and in doing so allowing God to provide for all your needs and wants.

No one owes anyone of us anything. We should not allow our government to brain wash us in thinking otherwise. If you are one that thinks you are entitled then you need to do a whole Hell of a lot of soul searching. God's creation was not entitled to anything, If so He would have given you salvation automatically.

Wake UP!

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