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I am getting a lot of questions about election fraud. I will provide some basic information now. But you need to do some research about the difference between voter fraud and election fraud.

I have stated that there are four tracks moving forward here. Let’s review them for a moment.

  1. Elections are a state level and a civil case unless the fraudulent activities cross state lines which, in those cases, becomes a federal level. Rudy and team are dealing with the states on an individual state constitutional level educating state legislators what their individual state constitution gives them power over. At these hearing they are bringing in witnesses that can clearly convey firsthand witness testimony about what has happened within their state to persuade the state legislatures to do what their constitutional duties requires

  2. Sydney and Lin are dealing on behalf of we the people. This is the precursor of systemic issues related to voting machines. This process is to introduce what the DOD and DOJ has as evidence by collected outside so-to-speak from the legal system. Remember I stated that DJT and 1100 DOD intelligence personnel watched the election fraud actually take place on the day/night of the election in SCIF’s. They have it all but need a method to introduce in the legal system – here comes Sydney and Lin.

  3. It is not DOJ to monitor the voter fraud in the USA. It is Homeland Security that is responsible for investigation and as such when completed with their investigations and finding of fraud they then turn it over to the DOJ for prosecution. So if we are looking at the DOJ to do something it is not time. AND yes they have NOT received the evidence yet. EXCEPT information they were party to in #2 above. So not one MSM is leading out about Homeland Security. Why – giving them time to work with Sydney and Lin. Got to think through this.

  4. Then we have the DOD. Remember the DOD took servers out of three locations that were used for voter fraud in foreign countries. This is treason for any US Citizen involved with this activity and these crimes are not processed in civil or federal courts but the DOD in military courts.

I say all of this to keep our eye on really what is going on. We have a process in the United States that allows evidence to be presented into the legal process. Speaking personally of my opinion to keep this in area of disclosure, any evidence obtain in the SCIF has to be introduced into the legal system in a manner which can be used by the federal government DOJ and the DOD as appropriate. We, in this country, have rights to not go and arrest people at large without due process. If it is shown in the court that our civil rights as citizens of the USA were violated and the evidence can be provided as such then the big boys can immediately take action.

Think Al Capone etc. It took the IRS to get him but they had the goods but just could not prove the evidence under legal procedure.

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