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Defense Contractor Covid-19 Coverup

There are many defense contractors who have jumped on the directive of Joe Biden on the requirement for all government employees and those who work for contractors who contract with the US Government to be vaccinated. Many of these defense contractors have placed a company directive on their employees to be vaccinated and wrote it into the human resource policies that all employees must be vaccinated and if they have not received their vaccination by a specific date would lead to termination. You have seen this go on with some hospitals already in some states. They further have had their lawyers prepare unconstitutional policies that insure that if employees do not receive the vaccination that they can be terminated for not following company policy preventing the terminated employee from unemployment.

However, the issue with these contractors is not the Covid-19 safety issue they are protecting themselves from. The real reason is much deeper regarding business survival which no one wants to get out into the public eye.

Foundational Understanding

World Governmental Control

The control over world governments as for back in history as you wish to go until today have been controlled by a group of 13 families. These families were, up to recent history when the heads were chopped off, was controlled by one man - Pepe Orsini.

The names of these 13 families whose bloodline comes from the Phoenicians (offspring of the fallen angels - a topic for another day) are as follows:

  1. House of Borja

  2. House of Breakspeare

  3. House of Somaglia

  4. House of Orsini

  5. House of Conti

  6. House of Chigi

  7. House of Colonna

  8. House of Farnese

  9. House of Medici

  10. House of Gaetani

  11. House of Pamphili

  12. House of Este

  13. House of Aldobradnini

You will see the hierarchical structure if you look at the relationship with the Jesuit Order and the Catholic Church. See all governments report through their individual handler back through the Catholic Church through the Jesuit Order to the Black Pope who reports to the 13 families.

The Organizations Used For Ruler-ship - The Military Industrial Complex

The defense contractors make-up what we have heard through MSM as the Military Industrial Complex. For those of you who have no knowledge of this let's review.

Military-industrial complex, network of individuals and institutions involved in the production of weapons and military technologies. The military-industrial complex in a country typically attempts to marshal political support for continued or increased military spending by the national government.

The term military-industrial complex was first used by U.S. Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower in his Farewell Address on January 17, 1961. Eisenhower warned that the United States must “guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence…by the military-industrial complex,” which included members of Congress from districts dependent on military industries, the Department of Defense (along with the military services), and privately owned military contractors—e.g., Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Northrop Grumman. Eisenhower believed that the military-industrial complex tended to promote policies that might not be in the country’s best interest (such as participation in the nuclear arms race), and he feared that its growing influence, if left unchecked, could undermine American democracy.

It is through these companies that the elite use for all kinds of coverup operations in which the company receives massage amount of funds for their services. This is over and above what we understand as contracted procurement through contracts issued by the agencies of government to the defense contractors for the purchase of military services and products.

The Cash Cow of The Elites THROUGH The Military Industrial Complex

Most of the average citizenry of the world think that defense contracts revenue is based upon the sale of goods and services through world government contracts. This is what the public sees through financial reports and SEC filings. However, this is far from the truth.

To understand this fully one would need to research the history of wars and what the other agencies in concert with the military implemented in those countries where the war was fought. I challenge people to do this and open their eyes to the truth.

There are four products that this group of elites through the military industrial complex that generate the majority of cash for defense contractors and the elites.

  1. Child Sex-trafficking

  2. Narcotics Production and Distribution

  3. Illegal Arms Sales

  4. Human Sacrifice for Organ and Blood Use

Change of World Control - The Destruction of World Tyranny/Slavery

The world, through the planned presidency of Donal J. Trump, came publicly aware of not only the world structure but the elite game plan, the human trafficking, the child sex-trafficking and the illegal arm sales like Obama in Benghazi or the the cartel in Mexico, the opium fields built by the Bush family (CIA) in Afghanistan and the sale and distribution of baby organs through the Planned Parent Hood organizations and use of blood to make adrenal chrome.

Now we want go through history to give you all kinds of examples of these activities but suggest you spend time to educate yourself.

With everyone who wants to be released from this world tyranny they must understand that the impact of getting rid of the cash flow of the tyranny will impact jobs world wide. However, employers will not tell the truth about how their companies are being effected by the removal of the elite class, the removal of the elements that have funded their operations and their participation in all of this. WAKEUP!

Covid-19 Coverup

The defense contractor will be impacted by the destruction of the elite class, the shift to world peace, a requirement by the 209 country treaty signed, and the refocus on humanity versus war.

Therefore, the defense contractors see now that the rhetoric of change is now coming to them directly. They cannot admit their wrong doings but they have to downsize because of loss of their behind the scenes cash flow. In addition, the world governments in accordance to the 209 country treaty requiring peace will not need the massive products of war. Yes, new products will be needed and retrofitting required. But the amount of arms buildup over time will be decreased. So the defense contracts, seeing the elimination of the behind scenes cash cow, now see that the government funding for new contracts is drastically reduced and, in fact, the the current contract will be reviewed on scope and reduced funding may occur. So the business decision for these companies is to to determine a way to reduce headcount with as little impact to their bottom line to wither the storm.

Things to remember are the fact that the EO on vaccination is the approved vaccination which is not even produced yet. It comes out in 2023. So all the jabs today are experimental jabs and is a violation of your constitutional rights or protection. How all this is going to be worked out no one really knows yet. But, for me, I continue to seek the guidance from Christ our savior.

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