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Creation in Review

Before we move forward it is important we recap and set the foundation in understanding before we move forward since what we will discuss next has really NOT been taught to us from the scripture.

  1. Genesis 1:1 God (Elohim) created the heavens and the earth. The heavens and earth was without darkness. Sin had not enter the heavenly realms so there was just light. This is confirmed when we look at Revelations and see how heaven will be from a new perspective compared to what it was and changed on earth with sin. More to come on this. We do not know the exact amount of time as we measure time that this took to do this creation becasue in eternity there is no time.

  2. Once the heavens and earth were created He (Elohim) created the support staff of the Angels. He did this with a hierarchy so that God had order in the heavens. It is here God's government takes shape. He in the Trinity sits on the Throne. The category of angels have a particular job description that we have provided in previous posts.

What we need to build upon is that fact that the heavens and earth at creation were connected just like they will be when Christ returns as Revelations tell us. The new heaven and new earth will be what it was at creation. The new heaven and new earth will be no darkness just like the original creation. The new heaven and new earth there will have no death just like the original creation.

So our takeaways here is that when God created the heavens and earth it will be the same with the new heaven and new earth. The heavenly realm will be just like it was at creation - no tears, no death, no darkness, no sin, no need for sleeping - yes we will have rest - but in heavenly bodies they will require no sleep. From this understanding we can then move into the next phase of God's creation and renovation.

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