Covid 19 Injection (Vaccine) Tactic of War

Updated: May 26

Way before the Covid 19 virus was released we were foretold of its coming. As for back as 1980's movies laid out the propaganda to begin our programming of understanding and acceptance of when it arrived. Do you not see that with or without the election of Donald J Trump in 2016 and 2020 this was on the agenda of the CABAL to use as a tactic of war against humanity.

For many hundreds of years the ELITE have tried (yes tried) to exterminate the world population. You need to do your research here and when you do you will find that the small pox was created, diphtheria was created, typhoid fever was created, HIV (a farce) was created and many more. In fact, if you search hard enough you may just find the patents on them. You can at least find the patents filed for Covid 19.

The rules of Law established internationally state that patents cannot be filed to create ownership on natural creations of nature. So if this was created through nature’s events there could be no patent. So let us get this out of the way very quickly. The COVID 19 virus and injection was created by man to be used as a tactic of the war from those that created it. This includes the scientists and the funding groups which funded the development, release and supposedly vaccine.

In total the three components combined are the bio-weapon to be used on humanity at large. The end game of these three elements is to instill fear (fear is not of GOD - you have to begin to think for yourselves) in humanity to reduce humanity movement (CONTROL) to instill the fear to lead to the reason of control being the VIRUS (nothing more than a version of the cold/flu) to lead to a supposedly vaccine to prevent the disease from spreading. Now the vaccine is made up of DNA change agents with nano technology surrounded by a protein that allows the protein to take over your immune system with the nano technology to be able to facilitate a take over of your mind. The nano technology is both a receiver and transmitter to the brain. The receiver receives signals from third party sources external to our body and the transmitter is used for internal communication to alter the brain transmitter activities. In other words, the ELITE for over 40 years have been building toward this moment (patent) to take over humans as God intended and move them to robots so-to-speak.

We go over this to now move into whether this is a God approved activity or not. We have created and posted blog posts leading up to understanding that our bodies ARE the temple of God and, as such, we are to only allow what goes into the body that which is ordained by God. This means that the vaccine (injection) is not to be allowed any entrance.