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Today I executed the publishing contract with Covenant Books for the first book of the God Is Government series. The other three books will also have individual contracts.

I share the email I received with the attached contract. A blessing from God which I thought I would share with you.

Congratulations again on having your manuscript accepted for publication- you deserve to be very proud. It will hopefully not be long before God's Governmental Authority Structure is available everywhere.

Attached is the Offer to Publish for you to review. Although this document is quite clear and concise and written in fair and simple terms, I nonetheless ask that you thoroughly review it before signing it and sending it back to us.

The document provides that we will be your exclusive publisher and will handle the entire production process required (including editing, typesetting, cover design, ISBN barcodes, eBook conversion, etc.) to get both your hard-copy edition and ePub version distributed for retail sale. It further provides that we will handle promotion for the book- via a press release campaign. Most importantly, you will note, is that we are only entitled to our small 5% royalty if you have first received enough sales royalties to offset any moneys you spent on the project with us.

Let's speak soon so that I can clarify any questions you may have. I congratulate you again and wish you the best of success with your book!

May God continue to bless all that He is doing through us!

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