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I have struggled with this post for over a week now. It is not getting any better as to my thoughts as to approach. So here it goes.

For the last several weeks I have been asked directly by many the following types of comments and questions.

My God what is happening right now is just absolutely terrifying regarding the vaccines and everything else and yes I understand about Donald Trump and the new Republican that we're in a show but it doesn't make it any less terrifying all I can think about are my children and my family and the idiots that are in my family that are taking his vaccines which will probably be dead in six months. They can't get those bed bugs out fast enough and the military is showing absolutely no balls as far as I'm concerned I would have been fine with them taking over.

I know that you guys can only tell us so much but if we are forced to take a vaccine do you have any information as far as which ones we can and cannot take.

My question is why did Trump push this if you knew it was poison. He is still out there pitching it like it was the greatest thing since sliced bread that he ever did . Because I have been following the vaccination process for more than 10 years already and they are all poison and they all destabilize your immune system to keep you from fighting any disease whatsoever so they are all poisonous far as I'm concerned so I'm very surprised especially with everything that he said in the past about vaccines that he is pushing it so vehemently.

It seems we continue to cover the same things over and over again. We seem to move one step forward and two steps back. So we will try again to create the framework for us to use in deciding what to do here.

As to Trump and him creating the vaccine and pushing it to get it out we must realize that the greater picture here is exposure of all the corruption to the public. Just like some of the basis of the above comments and questions we have lost our ability to think. We have become such an entitled group of people that we look to someone else to tell us what is real, truth and decide for us how to move forward. We want someone of authority to come out and tell us this is all a game, a shot that will hurt us or save us. When we try to help our family or others to understand and they don't we want someone else to come along to make it better. Do you not see a pattern here? Why are we looking to man to solve this when this Universe is owned by God. What have we really lost is our relationship