Churches Not Taking the Lead - Be Prepared

I spoke to a number of pastors this last week. I tried not just to focus on my local community but I did to see just how they were getting their congregation prepared. I was amazed that while they professed to understand and some even in the know as to details - NONE NONE did anything in their pulpits this past Sunday except talk about not listening to the news or anyone, seek GOD and love and harmony. People we are in a SPIRITUAL WAR and the churches just don't care. Think about that.

Is it time to remove the church and go back to small groups in the home like of ancient times.

I cannot believe that the churches of this world sold us out. Are selling us out. Do not care. There are approximately 5,900 churches in the USA signed a pact with the Vatican. Now after this past week what do you think of those churches. Well these churches could be yours.

Anyway I don't know how to wake people up any more.

You need to be prepared. You need to have money in your homes. You need to have groceries for at least 10 days. You need to understand that almost everything is run by technology so things that you may not think about you will need to review for preparedness. Medicine refills are controlled electronically. Gasoline pumps and card payments (credit card and debit cards) all run by technology.

There was a test run yesterday with Voice of America and Secretary of Mike Pompeo. Did you hear the actual words he used? Did you hear the actual words of the president of VOA? Did you see that Right Side News came out today with live TV on just the President?

People you need to wake up and think!

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