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Barricade - Believe

I have just finished the outline and layout of chapter four in the final book of the GIG series titled the Keys of the Kingdom. I am literally overwhelmed. I thought I would share with you this since I shared the start of it with the text conversation I had with Scott Kesterson.

Satan has masterfully taken our birthright to God's Kingdom and has used it to achieve all he wanted and, in doing so, passed these keys to the evil lizard heads of all governments worldwide and the corporate CEO piss ants who sold out their soul for wealth, fame and the hope for everlasting life through the taking of our children's essence.

Do you know that children have the ability to regenerate body parts by the sweet essence given to them by God in growing out their bodies. A fundamental element of their DNA. As adults we have lost that do to the un-prue life styles, foods, chemicals and other elements given to us by the Satanic grunts. In my early days in investment banking, we actually invested in a silver ion technology that wounds would heal without scaring and children would grow back fingers and toes. What God has given us in keys of life are extraordinary.

With all the education in my life I am pissed that I am just now coming to the knowledge about what these keys are. These keys are the bridge from staying in a barricade that we have pigeonholed ourselves due to the Satanic elements of humanity to transition in full KNOWLEDGE that there is a Kingdom of God. And that Kingdom begins here on earth. It is not only our ability to obtain everlasting life through Jesus Christ. It is all the things the Satanic piss ant lizard heads have been using since creation to achieve their wants and desires over us.

It is more than time to now release the barricade and move. We need to cross the bridge to belief and take back the keys of the Kingdom given to us as a birthright as a Christian. It is our remnant to have. We have lost dominion over them and we need to take them back. Once you have come to the knowledge about these keys, if you are not willing to then get off the butt and take action then there is no hope.

These keys link us directly to the spiritual realm and dimensions that God provided to us, if we had accepted them, to actually have dominion over all evil. We just willingly gave them up.

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