Awaken Yourselves - YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED

It is amazing how many people, even today, that are calling me. emailing me and texting me that state that there is no tangible things happening and they just don't want to provide support to any part of our movement. They just want to give up.

People are frustrated and tired because they are seeing things not as there are and will become but through what they think things ought to be. Well, let me state this. We are where we are because people who had no concern about what was going on around them and us allowed people to be voted into office because of things not of God but what they as humans thought.

Now we find ourselves in a fight to take back what is sovereign to us - our God given rights to live in peace, harmony and within God's plan. We can and will put Satan back in his place and take dominion over what God gave us.

Guys I am absolutely dismayed how adults can act like children - if I don't get to ride my tricycle today then I will take my marbles and go home. Let me state something very clear. If you are riding the fence, if you are one of those that only want to see tangible results in your time and not Gods, if you are one that only wants to complain and not get engaged to assure that this never happens again because you cannot see things happening as you would want then please get the hell out of the way and stop addressing me with your anxiety. I do not have the time to continue to try to educate, to continue to try to work in my community and continue to make sure that what is important gets conveyed to everyone supporting this blog and forums to listen to nonsense of not seeing what they want.

People will take sides and those they feel that their feelings are so hurt by not seeing something will be on the wrong side when this ends. Either get engaged and help get this through to the end or get the hell out of the way.

This type of attitude is exactly what is wrong with our society and national governance today. The sense of being entitled. This is a point we will have to deal with for sometime to come but as adults we are to be the leaders in what we want in our homes, families and communities.

I would hate to get into a fight with this type of attitude watching my back. Guys get a grip. God is in control and things will be in His timing not yours.

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