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Look under Yale Universities, Avalon Project, and you can see every grant and charter in their original format and reprint. I am in SC and have certified copies of the Charter of the Carolina's 1663 and 1665. Can not post as it will violate Crown copyright. I have tons of research on abstract of title, land patents, title held in allodium, and why it is important to do a proper "delivery, acceptance, and acknowledge the deed". Must really read and understand Jeremiah 32: 6-13, Jeremiah Buys a Field. Though, in all of my years of studying this stuff, one question still remains. Who and what gave the king the right to grant the land? Study Fletcher vs Peck, (very important in more than one way). If i have an abstract of title going back to one of these grants or charters, which violated the law of contracts making them void ab-initio, as though it never was, who has rightful possession of the land. Usucapio title.

Guys important to understand all this. I wanted to get this in our blog history for everyone to begin to establish the mindset as we move forward in rebuilding history.

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