A Message from the Heart

Today was a day of reflection for me. Many things are happening around me that sometimes everything needs to be put into perspective.

We are buying equipment to further our efforts. We are finishing up the online education videos and we have put the outlines together for the last book of the God Is Government series that will focus on civil government and the second book of Our Spiritual War series that will focus on building of the power structure of the world.

In the course of the day we participated in a live podcast with Karen Testerman at Right America Media. During this interview I was overwhelmed by the magnitude of what is ahead of us. In conclusion of the interview I immediately went to prayer and meditation for sometime and asked not only for support in meeting our financial needs but in clearing our minds and opening up our hearts to understanding what is actual at the core of world disconnect.

For several days now the subject of our children has been on my mind and heart. My every thought for these last several days has been about the children.

So this post may be a little dark but it will be the truth.

Let me start out by saying that there is 4,800,000 children worldwide goes missing. Child trafficking without the benefits seen by the dark side of having a child costs someone who pays for the child about $420 per child. The profit of having a child in the system ranges between 3000 to 5000 percent profit a year. So lets look at the numbers. This means that on the low side a child provides anywhere from 1,260,000 to 2,100,000 per year. So lets take a number that takes the low range number and divide it by half - 630,000. If you multiple that number by 4,800,000 we get an industry size of 3,024,000,000,000 a year.

Let's put this into perspective. Our government, our large businesses, our charities are making over 3 trillion dollars a year just is in children; not considering teenagers and adults.

Our country and the world as I wrote in Chapter 8 of book one in the God Is Government series - God's Governmental Authority Structure that God has said enough. Our country has been turned over to our own reprobate minds. We are as much to blame for this status as the ones who are doing the dark deed. We have for years set back in our entitlement mindset and did nothing to prevent the 4.8 million of children each year of being trafficked, raped, abused and in some cases killed and eaten by the satanic worshipers of not only our government but those that support that lifestyle. Can you imagine the number of years we have live