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A Foundation for Miracles of Christ

It is important we study the miracles of Christ in order to see how they manifest the understanding of the spiritual being and the Keys of the Kingdom. From this study we will be able to then move into some history discussions bringing us to today.

So to lay a foundation about the physical body and the spiritual being we need to look at it from a tabernacle point of view. Why? Because we are told that we are the temple of God . 1 Corinthians 3:16 "Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?"

When we diagram the first tabernacle of God given to Moses we find three courts (areas). We find an outer court, and inner court and the most holy court. Our physical bodies can be described the same way. Our physical body is the outer court, our soul the spiritual being is the inner court and the holy spirit residing inside the spiritual body is the inner court. Let's look at if another way. When Elohim created the spiritual being he created the the spiritual being to be in exact image of God. This meant that the spiritual body had a mind and a body. When Jehovah formed the physical body he created a shell for the spiritual being and built an interface between the two body systems called the heart where scriptures tell us the laws of God were written and where scientists have proven to control the entire body through a messaging system called RNA.

Before we were physical beings we were able to interact with God becasue we knew how he was thinking due to the constant messaging between God and the mind of the spiritual being. When we became physical in a physical body that communication mechanism was still a direct connection with God but it had to not only communicate into the spiritual being but the physical as well so the heart-brain became the central controller.

Before sin the heart-brain controlled the body and the mind-brain knew no better than to only accept messages from the heart-brain. When the serpent penetrated both Adam and Eve there was an algorithm that opened the mind-brain to the knowledge that it could think and control the messages sent from the heart-brain to the mind-brain relating to actions and thought. This algorithm is the baseline where all viruses come from and knowledge of good vs evil.

Knowing that purpose of why Christ (Adonai) came to earth in flesh to teach us how to get back to creation state of being we now can look at the miracles of Christ and see how they show us the proof of His teaching.

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