A Conversation with Scott Kesterson

Most times I don't share some detail conversations with others because they typically lead to a programming segment but in this case God has laid on my heart this morning to share.

The conversation was via text yesterday and Scott mentioned it last night on his podcast. The conversation topic fit great with his focus on the subject of last night podcast.

So here it goes.

The setting is that between interviews and bursts of thoughts to write in the next book and waiting on equipment to arrive to edit the online education courses today, I am out in the yard barefoot getting our back yard ready for spring. I moved dirt, got three of the raised beds ready to plant and actually planted the first with Radishes, Beets, Onions, and Carrots. Then I moved to the barrels for salad vegetables and got those done. In the middle of all this It was a burst of energy that caught my attention. It was like stepping on a live electrical wire. The energy ran from my feet on my right side around the top of my head and back down to the ground on my left side. I sat down on the edge of one of the raised beds and just dropped into a meditation state of prayer.

I stayed in meditation for what seemed hours but was no more than about 20 minutes and I knew just what happened because it has happened before but not that often. Coming out of the meditation I felt a calmness and peace but a clear understanding of the information transferred in that event. I found that I was very emotional, not to the point of tears but close.

I finished up my outside work because for the rest of the day after this time I was tied up in interviews and conversation sessions.When I completed my outside activities I came inside, got a glass of water and went upstairs to my studio and put my hands on the key board and things flowed to the point of completing the first chapter of the last book in the God Is Government Series - The Keys of the Kingdom. When this was done I was in awe of what was actually written as I read it. This is a typical in my writing style in that I open my mind, place hands on key board and allow the information to just flow. I find that God uses this as his way to convey what he wants to speak about. That doesn't mean that I don't need an editor as many of you have helped with in these blog posts.

So after reading I thought I would share a piece with Scott since we had just had the previous day a conversation around this topic but I thought the details maybe of importance to put a perspective on a particular subject that is at the heart of not only the County-by-County initiative but at the heart of life itself.

So hear is the text conversation between Scott and I. I hope this provides some meaningful understanding for you as well.

Jim: Hey Scott, I know you have got a lot to do but God is running today. At least in my head.

Scott: I have the same sense.

Jim: I was outside planting lettuce with bare feet on the earth and a bolt hit through me.

Scott: I am being shown things all day. What did you see?

Jim: You read the intro to the first chapter of the next book yesterday I sent?

Scott: Yes.... powerful, It's all in line with the direction God has been laying out.

Jim: I assume you picked up that the key arrangement is physical action with spiritual assistance. Think about this, God gave us dominion over earth. This is a physical task.

Scott: Yes... faith and works as I have referred to it.

Jim: But he told us we would do greater things than he did. And he gave us the keys. The keys, it is the keys.

Scott: The student becomes the master... and those in power know and are fearful of that.

Jim: This means that we ask and he does. Think about that a moment. In his will we get to direct. It is not asking because he tells us what we do on earth he will do in heaven. Heaven = spiritual.

Scott: It fits in with a theory as well I have put out on a podcast that We are manifesting much of this chaos because we are living in fear and not faith in God.

Jim: We are tied physically to God DNA.

Scott: DNA .... yes.

Jim: We are spiritually tied because he lives in us. Think about that. What is the binding? The binding is the very essence of life. Spirit! So control was about acting not conflict. It is truly in the walk. We walk, we ask, we get what? We get the very soul of the adversary locked up. They have no way to do anything. They have no way to go anywhere. Or, here it is - They cannot take any physical action because in binding them God has taken away their animation. I an now back where I was outside. Emotional!

Scott: The line of the serpent has no soul. I can imagine...powerful insights.

Jim: The keys are to understand we have absolute power. Absolute is above sovereign power.

Scott; We have dominion... words mean things... the only way they can fool us is through a voting machine/Corporation.


Scott: Yes

With that conversation I am providing the same intro to the last book of GIG Series - The Keys of the Kingdom below for your reading.

The Kingdom

Chapter One

In approaching the subject matter of this book and because it places all of God’s Sovereignty square and center in our cross hairs of education we must start from the beginning. From pulpit to certain education venues it teaches of a Kingdom. So what is Kingdom? Well Oxford Dictionary defines Kingdom as a country, state, or territory ruled by a king or queen; or the spiritual reign or authority of God. In using this definition we find that God’s Kingdom is a place called the Universe ruled by a King (Jesus Christ) using the spiritual reign and authority of God.

If we look to the scriptures we find that the word Kingdom is used 473 times within the Bible. Given the number of times used in the Bible we have to come to the conclusion that it must be really important. We need to ask ourselves then why is it that we rarely here of the Kingdom discussed in the pulpits other than to reference it to Heaven. Is there more in the meaning of Kingdom that a place called Heaven? Given the definition provided from most dictionaries we find Kingdom is a place ruled over by a king or queen. Is not Jesus Christ referred to as King and does he not rule over us as Christians wherever we live? If this is the case would not earth be part of His Kingdom since we are placed here by God until we die? Given this definition earth then is part of God’s Kingdom and therefore must be ruled over by Jesus Christ. Wow!

Then we must now why is it that we don’t see Jesus’ ruler ship here on earth as He does in Heaven. How is it we have a society that is total chaos and our children completely out of control with a government that is worshiping Satan holding humanity as a whole in tyranny? Could it be that we, as Christians, do not know just what it means to live in this land called earth underneath the ruler ship of its true King?

We will end this journey of the God Is Government Series exploring these and a number of related questions, situations and challenges. Are not we who are humanity of this world given God’s Sovereignty at birth and the sole right to rule over this earth as an extension of God? Do we not have dominion over this earth given to us by God Himself? It is about time to wake up and begin to not only smell the roses but inhale God’s Laws and the Keys to His Kingdom that Jesus gave to Humanity at the time of Paul. Matthew 16:19 NKJV “I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of the heavens, and whatever you may bind on earth will already be bound in the heavens, and whatever you may loosen on earth will already be loosened in the heavens.”

Does it state anywhere in the scripture of Matthew about the Keys of Heaven is the door to everlasting life? What that verse tells me is that what I do underneath the authority of God on earth He will also do in Heaven to make sure that our physical actions are linked directly with God ensuring its success by performing the same thing in Heaven on the spiritual realm supporting our physical actions. It is through this verse of scripture God is telling us that to have dominion over this earth requires us taking physical actions asking God to provide the spiritual action to create the co-ruler over earth using God’s Sovereignty.