A Conversation with Scott Kesterson

Most times I don't share some detail conversations with others because they typically lead to a programming segment but in this case God has laid on my heart this morning to share.

The conversation was via text yesterday and Scott mentioned it last night on his podcast. The conversation topic fit great with his focus on the subject of last night podcast.

So here it goes.

The setting is that between interviews and bursts of thoughts to write in the next book and waiting on equipment to arrive to edit the online education courses today, I am out in the yard barefoot getting our back yard ready for spring. I moved dirt, got three of the raised beds ready to plant and actually planted the first with Radishes, Beets, Onions, and Carrots. Then I moved to the barrels for salad vegetables and got those done. In the middle of all this It was a burst of energy that caught my attention. It was like stepping on a live electrical wire. The energy ran from my feet on my right side around the top of my head and back down to the ground on my left side. I sat down on the edge of one of the raised beds and just dropped into a meditation state of prayer.

I stayed in meditation for what seemed hours but was no more than about 20 minutes and I knew just what happened because it has happened before but not that often. Coming out of the meditation I felt a calmness and peace but a clear understanding of the information transferred in that event. I found that I was very emotional, not to the point of tears but close.

I finished up my outside work because for the rest of the day after this time I was tied up in interviews and conversation sessions.When I completed my outside activities I came inside, got a glass of water and went upstairs to my studio and put my hands on the key board and things flowed to the point of completing the first chapter of the last book in the God Is Government Series - The Keys of the Kingdom. When this was done I was in awe of what was actually written as I read it. This is a typical in my writing style in that I open my mind, place hands on key board and allow the information to just flow. I find that God uses this as his way to convey what he wants to speak about. That doesn't mean that I don't need an editor as many of you have helped with in these blog posts.

So after reading I thought I would share a piece with Scott since we had just